Book scanners

 4DigitalBooks scan2page

  • The fastest semi-automatic scanner for large formats
  • Scanning surface over 2xA2, up to 2x 54cm x 75cm (2x 21”x30”)
  • Various optics up to 600 dpi
  • Global performance up to 1000 pages/hour for color and 1400 in gray scales

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4DigitalBooks DL 3003

  • The fastest automatic book scanner capable of speeds over 3000 pages / hour
  • Oversized scanning surface  2xA2 (2x 17”x24”)
  • Designed for industrial usage – 24hours, 7 days/week - with the possibility of multiple machines in parallel
  • Generally used for projects over 3 million pages

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 4DigitalBooks DL mini

  • Automatic and manual scanner in one
  • Scanning surface from 2xA6 (2x4”x6”) to 2xA3 (2x 12”x17”)
  • Able to scan hard and soft covers (like magazines and newspapers), spontaneously closing books (squarebacks), wavy and irregular pages (manuscripts)
  • The highest degree of automation for the maximum productivity

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