4DigitalBooks DL 3003

Gentle, air-cushioned book handling

The DL 3003 patented air-flow page turning process and air cushioned book cradle ensure a gentle handling of the books without applying pressure or tension on the spine.

The highest quality, authentic image

You have the choice of various optics with up to 600 dpi and you will be happy to see:

  • NO glare

  • NO stretching

  • NO warping

  • No moiré

  • NO margin crawl

  • NO unwanted images of fingers or clamps

  • NO text curvature

Eeasy to use

All you do is place the book on the cradle, choose presets and press “start” in the on-board user menu and the DL 3003 does the rest - it automatically centers and measures the book at the beginning of the process.

Integrates many value added features

  • import of MARC or Dublin core or other bibliographic info from a variety of sources (Fedora, Dspace,…)

  • Mets/Alto information for article search

  • Integration with leading edge online display software MediaINFO