Data extraction - ICR

Do you need to extract data from documents? Are you tired of endless retyping data from forms into databases?
You don´t have to invest in expensive equipment, we will do it for you!

We provide form and other structured document processing

What is ICR?

ICR - Intelligent Character Recognition is an advanced form of OCR, which is able to recognize handwritten font - large block letters and numerals. Therefore, it enables automated processing of a variety of forms filled in by hand and subsequent export of data into databases.

What documents can be processed?

  • printed or filled in by hand
  • various structured documents like forms, sheets,
    questionnaires, card-indexes, ballots,
    examination tests, etc.

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  • single- or multi-page documents – with fixed
    or variabe structure (e.g. invoices, tax declarations,
    in which one page may recur more times)

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What is included in the service?

  • document scanning
  • data extraction
  • verification and validation of the extracted data according to customer-defined rules (e.g. checking against the database, logical and mathematical control, checking the completeness)
  • permanent archiving (with the option to deliver an original on request) or shredding of original documents

What are the possible outputs?

Formats: *. dbf, *.xls, *.csv, *.dcx, *.txt, *.xml, via ODBC, program script, etc.

Saving on media: CD, DVD, BD, HDD, FlashStorage, upload via FTP etc.

Service extensions:

  • evaluation of the checkboxes in various questionnaires
  • bar code reading
  • saving the image in binary form directly to the database (e.g. signature)
  • simultaneous saving of scanned documents in PDF/A (standard for long-time archiving with text under image)
  • digital signature, time stamp - to ensure the integrity of created files
  • machine-readable form design creation
  • design and delivery of a system for continuous digitizing of new documents