Processing data from invoices

Are you tired of endless retyping data from invoices?
We have a solution for you!

We will extract the necessary data from your invoices and other structured or semi-structured documents such as orders, delivery records, accounting statements, reports, etc. Output data can be simply imported into various accounting and economic systems, and therefore it is not necessary to enter them manually.


  • easy access to the data
  • saves time
  • increases effectivity – when processing an average of 5000 invoices per month, thanks to this service you can save the work of two people
  • increases accuracy of data entry - thanks to validation and automatic check against the database eliminates the human error rate

Target audience

  • accounting companies
  • legal entities
  • suppliers
  • wholesale customers
  • Anyone who works with a number of invoices and needs to enter data into accounting system

Service description

The documents are processed according to customer requirements and needs.

Various output formats: *.dbf, *.xls, *.csv, *.dcx, *.txt, *.xml, entry directly into database, special export module exactly as required etc.

Saving a part of the image: e.g. signature area can be saved as an image in binary mode directly in the database and used by customer as an image of signature sample

Output in PDF/A, standard for long-time archiving, with text under image

Saving on media – CD, DVD, BD, HDD, FlashStorage, upload to FTP etc.

Digital signature in PDF – together with time stamp for securing integrity of the created file

Reading of various barcodes

Export of the outputs to various economic softwares - Pohoda, MoneyS3, ABRA, SAP/R3, KROS products and others.

NUPSESO, a.s. also provides complete training for working with the delivered outputs.

Trainings are included in the price of the service and are provided by experienced professionals from our company.