Document scanning

Do you have shelves full of folders and have nowhere to put them?

Have your contracts, catalogues, brochures, newspapers, correspondence, financial documents, price lists, manuals and other documents or the entire archives scanned!

What are the benefits?

  • Saving space & lower storage costs
  • Quick search among the documents
  • Documents linked to client databases
  • Sending scanned documents electronically
  • The first step towards digital archive

What documents can be processed?

  • From the size of a business card
  • Single- or double-sided
  • Various thicknesses and materials
  • Loose sheets or bound
  • Black & white or color

Formats and possible outputs

Output formats and saving options are discussed with the customer. Click here for detailed information.

Service extensions:

  • Conversion to text - OCR
  • Indexing - more information
  • Document transport - more information
  • Registry and paper documents archive management
  • Shredding of unnecessary documents