Drawing scanning

Do you have too many drawings and you can not navigate to it?
Do you need to update your drawing documentation?

Have your drawings digitized!

What are the benefits?

  • space saving & lower storage costs
  • quick search for needed documentation
  • interconnection with your database
  • using an electronic document in further projection
  • simple reproduction & sending of electronic documents
  • the first step to a digital archive
  • preliminary treatment towards vectorization
  • preservation of the original paper drawings

What documents can be processed?

  • black & white or color
  • max. width 914 mm, max. length 5.5 m
  • paper thickness max. 15 mm for black & white scanning, max. 1 mm in color

What are the possible outputs?

The outputs of digitized drawings are created according to customer requirements and needs. Clink here for information about the possible outputs.

Service extensions:

  • Project documentation update
  • Indexing - more information
  • Supplial of transport boxes
  • Documents transport - more information
  • Registry and paper documents archive management
  • Shredding of unnecessary documents