Outputs of digitized documents

Digitized documents are stored in the output structure according to specific customer requirements. Flexible use of system data (date, serial number, document type, ...) or indexed data (contract number, type, form, document author, ...) can be created by multi-level folder structure and naming of documents.

In addition to customer-defined folder structures, an output to directly supported destinations (see the List below) can be created, or descriptive metadata files can be placed in the output folder structure (usually in the form *. xml) for later import into any DMS (Document Management System).

For simpler projects an output in the form of KODAK Document CD for Find and View can be used. The media contain installation files for "Find and View" application, whereby the customer can browse and search the archive.

Output file formats

  • Production scanning output formats can be stored in standard raster formats such as *.BMP, *.TIF, *.JPG, *.PCX, *.PNG...
  • In case of drawing formats saving is possible in specific formats such as *.DWF, *.EPS, *.6RN, *.IFF, *.RLC, *.RLE, *.RST, *.TGA
  • For all documents is also possible to use PDF format, for example the standardized format in accordance with ISO 19005-1 (PDF/A-1 format) to store scanned images with text below the picture. In such documents it is possible to perform full-text search.

Outputs from the OCR treatment

OCR processed documents can be saved in following formats:
  • Microsoft Word - *.DOC, *.DOCX
  • Microsoft Excel - *.XLS, *.XLSX
  • Rich Text Format - *.RTF
  • XML - *.XML
  • PDF, PDF/A - *.PDF
  • HTML - *.HTM
  • CSV - *.CSV
  • Plain text - *.TXT
  • OpenOffice.org Writer - *.ODT
  • DjVu - *.djvu
Book documents can be conveniently saved in the new FB2 and EPUB formats for easy publishing e.g. for smartphones or e-readers. Library xml format ALTO can also be created.


Output documents can be saved on optical media (CD, DVD, BD, ...), portable flash media or external HDD, or may be transferred electronically via a secure channel (VPN, Secure FTP, ...) directly to the customer.

List of directly supported output destinations

  • AnyDoc Software (local)
  • AnyDoc Software (remote)
  • AxxIS (Automated Office Systems)
  • Batch Index (Eastman Imaging for UNIX)
  • Captaris Alchemy
  • Docutec Xtract for Documents (X4D)
  • DocuWare (ALOS)
  • eiStream WMS RBE Multi-Page TIFF
  • eiStream WMS RBE Single-Page TIFF
  • ELO by id-netsolutions
  • EMC Application Xtender
  • EMC Captiva Formware
  • eMedia Filer (Optika)
  • emPower (FYI)
  • File360 (Global360)
  • FileBound
  • FileHold
  • File Magic Plus/Fortis
  • FilePower (Optika)
  • foxray xbound
  • FTP Upload
  • High Performance Image Import (FileNet)
  • iBridge Group-System Output to FileNet P8
  • i-Vault!
  • Keyfile Document
  • KODAK Digital Archive Services
  • KODAK Document CD for Find and View
  • Kofax Ascent
  • LaserFiche
  • MacroImage-Preloaded Indexes (MacroSoft)
  • MetaFile
  • MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT Server 2007/2010
  • Minolta MI3MS 3000 batch (mark imaging)
  • Minolta MI3MS 3000 Doc-X Import
  • Mobius
  • Nirv2 (Inception Technologies)
  • PaperVision (Digitech)
  • PC DOCs
  • Unisys e-Workflow and Imaging
  • other integrations