ABBYY Business Card Reader

Turn business cards into actionable contacts in seconds

ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 (for Windows) automatically extracts contacts
from paper business cards and transforms them into actionable electronic data.
It is designed to help professionals boost their productivity, raise the effectiveness
of their business communications, save time and eliminate tedious retyping.
The application works with virtually any scanning device.


Save your time for real business

You can scan and convert up to 10 business cards at a time with a flatbed scanner.

Get rid of manual contact entry

Superior accuracy of Business Card Reader enables you to digitize paper business cards in a few simple steps.

Keep all your contacts within reach

The application allows you to export contact information directly to Microsoft® Outlook® and Salesforce®.


Business Card Reader 2.0

Price without VAT
Price with VAT
ESD -electronic licence 21 € 25,20 €