ABBYY Scan Station

ABBYY Scan Station is an easy-to-use document scanning software based on advanced and proven technology.

It allows scanning and export of hundreds of pages in a few minutes and provides a wide range of useful tools for enhancing the quality of scanned images. It can be used for capturing and digitizing of large document archives, as well as for scanning small amounts of documents with a standard scanner. In addition, organizations with remote locations or operations can easily deploy distributed document capture by having ABBYY Scan Station installed at various locations with centralized document processing and storage.

With its intuitive interface ABBYY Scan Station is easy to operate and manage, even if the operator has little or no experience with scanning of documents. It is a professional solution based on high-performance scanning technology, which has been successfully used in leading ABBYY products, such as ABBYY FineReader, ABBYY FlexiCapture and ABBYY FormReader.

ABBYY Scan Station Key Features:

  • Intelligent scanning technology — ABBYY Scan Station scans documents in batches. Multipage documents in each batch can be separated by specified parameters such as number of pages, blank separation pages or bar codes. Processing settings are saved in special profiles - batch types. Each profile contains scanning, image treatment, document separation and export settings, which simplifies and streamlines the work with various document types.
  • Image quality improvement — ABBYY Scan Station provides a wide range of post-scan image enhancement tools, which allow fast-scaling, rotating, deskewing, despecling, redaction, inverting, and more. By applying these tools the user can edit the images before export to improve their look and ensure better data recognition accuracy.
  • Compatibility with various scanning devices — ABBYY Scan Station supports a wide range of TWAIN-, ISIS- and WIA-enabled scanners.
  • Variable export and saving options — Scanned images can be saved in PDF, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, BMP, PNG, PCX, DCX, DjVu and JBIG2 formats. Batches can be exported to local and ftp-folders and may be imported to DMS/ECM systems or sent for further processing by ABBYY Recognition Server or ABBYY FlexiCapture.
  • Common capture interface – ABBYY Scan Station provides one common interface to the diversity of scanning devices your company owns. You may change the hardware at any time and your staff will carry on working with a familiar application.

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